Last Level Press

What began as idle talk and wishing it were so has finally become a reality.  Since 2009, we have all grown to be close friends, though no small amount of mileage separates us these days.  Each of us bring different talents to the table, and we thank you for joining us in this journey.  

Cliff Davenport: (Mr. Black)

Owner, Webmaster, Lead Writer, video game journalist, & urban ninja.

Stephanie Sommer: (Violita)

Co-webmaster, Forum Admin, musical & mobile journalist, & part-time Viking.

Olen Bjorgo: (King Atticus)

Anime, film, & gaming  journalist, Master of the Hat.

Mission Statement:

Plans & Outlook:

Cliff Davenport

Stephanie Sommer

Olen Bjorgo

Founding Staff

As Last Level Press is in its infancy, our efforts are focused squarely upon establishing our niche in the Internet's entertainment landscape.  After many months of preparation, we are operational, but will likely remain in a state of revision and flux for some time to come.  In the short term, we invite you, our fans, to join us in the Last Level Forum to share ideas, requests, and opinions with us.  We are here for you, and will consider any well-thought advice on the part of our fan base.  

Eventually, we plan to establish running serial videos and regular articles, each of us playing to our realms of expertise.  While it is our mission to remain fair and unbiased, that by no means precludes us from humorism and satire in our reviews, even for titles we personally enjoy.  Especially those, in fact.  

Last Level Press © Copyright Cliff Davenport  Est. 2013.   | Legal Notices

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It is our mission to review and report upon digital media entertainment, and to provide neutral, honest, and unbiased feedback, as far as that is possible.  

Those products of quality shall be reviewed as such, and those lacking likewise brought to light, according to our pre-established system of critique.  

Our opinions are not for sale.  Our words are our own.  We are the Last Level Press.

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