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Announcement:  Microsoft’s Policy Revision

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Mr. Black here, and I come bearing momentous news. Microsoft has heard the outcry of the gaming community, and announced just hours ago that sweeping rollbacks and revisions of recent policies will be taking place.

Namely, Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One will no longer require daily check-ins via an internet connection. After a one-time start-up connection, you're good to game from then on, online or off.

They will no longer place restrictions upon the purchase or sale of used or traded games, though digital downloads are still, of course, non-tradeable.

Finally, no regional locks. Servicemen and women overseas will be able to enjoy the Xbox One, as will gamers outside of the continental United States, and that, friends, is excellent news.

And again, thanks and respect go to Angry Joe, who represented the common community's interests at E3 2013.

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