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A hollow victory for everyone involved.

After spinning my wheels to get these last few episodes finished in time for my Thanksgiving deadline, I've finally gained traction, and the final episode will be on its way shortly after this one.  Yes, you read that right, we're already at the end of this game, and I've spent less than eight hours on it, even after a full hour's worth of wasted play time that wasn't recorded, numerous deaths, and subsequent restarts.  I'd be angrier if I weren't so relieved to be done with the damned thing.  

-Mr. Black

Special thanks to a certain United States Marine, if it weren't for whom this game would never have come across our radar.  Stay safe out there.  

This video is presented under the terms and protection of Fair Use for the purposes of review and commentary.

  Consoles: (PC), Xbox 360, PS3

  Developer: Kaos Studios

  Publisher: THQ

  Release Date (U.S.): Mar 15, 2011

  Release Date (U.K.): Mar 18, 2011

  Release Date (JP): April 14, 2011

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