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Headshots by the numbers!

Apologies for the delayed release of this chapter.  Technical issues on my end first kept me from launching the game, then closed FRAPS without my knowing during the first attempt to record this session.  If anyone else should encounter difficulty launching this game from Steam (all what, two of you?), try launching it from the actual executable instead.  Worked for me.  

Special thanks to a certain United States Marine, if it weren't for whom this game would never have come across our radar.  Stay safe out there.  

This video is presented under the terms and protection of Fair Use for the purposes of review and commentary.

  Consoles: (PC), Xbox 360, PS3

  Developer: Kaos Studios

  Publisher: THQ

  Release Date (U.S.): Mar 15, 2011

  Release Date (U.K.): Mar 18, 2011

  Release Date (JP): April 14, 2011

Last Level Press © Copyright Cliff Davenport  Est. 2013.   | Legal Notices

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