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Let’s Play: Infernal Ch. 1

  Consoles: (PC), Xbox 360

  Developer: Metropolis Software

  Publisher: Playlogic

  Release Date (U.S.):  Feb 23, 2007

  Release Date (U.K.):  May 8, 2007

  Release Date (JP):  N/A

Last Level Press’ Youtube Channel:

Click here for Chapter 2!

Mr. Black kicks off Last Level Press' first Let's Play series with a blind playthrough of 2007's hellish third-person shooter, Infernal. Bulletproof T-shirts, underwater dialogue, and soul gambling coin tosses ensue, ensuring us no shortage of material to work with, for better or worse. Mostly worse. Okay, just worse.

This being our first Let’s Play, we’re open to constructive criticism and commentary.  Your entertainment is our goal, so let us hear it if you think we can do better.  Light up that comments section!

This video is presented under the terms & protection of Fair Use, for the purposes of review and commentary.