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Back for more, Mr. Black contends with Infernal's first boss battles, meets Joanna Dark, and realizes that he's being impersonated by a character in his own damn Let's Play! This time, it's personal.

This being our first Let’s Play, we’re open to constructive criticism and commentary.  Your entertainment is our goal, so let us hear it if you think we can do better.  Burn up that comments section!


Apologies for the odd, pixelated graininess that shows up throughout this video. It's not present in the original footage, so it must have been a glitch in the rendering process. I've tried multiple re-renders, but it always ends up happening. If anyone's got any insight as to what might be causing it, please let me know for future videos.

     - Mr. Black

This video is presented under the terms & protection of Fair Use, for the purposes of review and commentary.

  Consoles: (PC), Xbox 360

  Developer: Metropolis Software

  Publisher: Playlogic

  Release Date (U.S.):  Feb 23, 2007

  Release Date (U.K.):  May 8, 2007

  Release Date (JP):  N/A

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Let’s Play: Infernal Ch. 2