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After a short hiatus, Mr. Black is back with chapter three of the Infernal let's play, and despite the odds, the game still manages to keep him guessing with new and interesting ways to infuriate him.  Welder guns, Mandalorian wanna-bes, and astoundingly ill-conceived level designs all weigh in for rights to show off just how far a game of such potential as Infernal can fall.

This video is presented under the terms & protection of Fair Use, for the purposes of review and commentary.

  Consoles: (PC), Xbox 360

  Developer: Metropolis Software

  Publisher: Playlogic

  Release Date (U.S.):  Feb 23, 2007

  Release Date (U.K.):  May 8, 2007

  Release Date (JP):  N/A

Let’s Play: Infernal Ch. 3

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