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Midas Touch: The Xbox Live Gold Paywall Fiasco

(Pt. 1)

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The Midas Touch miniseries investigates what gamers are really getting for their money from Xbox Live Gold now and in the future.  Already an incomplete list just in the span of time between filming and editing this video, I'm counting off each feature of the Xbox Live Gold service that Microsoft has launched for present and next-gen consoles.  

With the release of the Xbox One just a month away, gamers need to know, now more than ever, just what they're buying or not buying.  

I founded LLP on the bases of honesty and the resistance of bias, and damnit, I've kept as open a mind to Microsoft as I possibly could up until now.  The gloves, however, had to come off at some point, so...consider this one equal parts editorial and news piece.

-Mr. Black

Covered in this video:

1: Online Multiplayer

2: Party Chat

3: Video Chat

4: Matchmaking

5: Skydrive & Cloud Storage

6: Skype

7: Smartmatch

8: Game DVR

9: OneGuide

10: Games with Gold

11: Instant Video

12: Ameba TV

13: AOL On

14: AT&T UVerse

15: Avatar Kinect


17: C-Net

18: CinemaNOW

19: Comedy Central Stand Up

20: Crackle

21: Crunchyroll

22: CW Network

23: Dailymotion

24: Disney

25: EPIX

26: ESPN

27: Flixter

28: Fox Broadcast

29: Fox News

30: FightPIX

31: Game Trailers

32: Gamespot TV

33: HBO GO

34: Hulu Plus

35: IGN

36: iHeartRadio

37: Internet Explorer

38: Karaoke

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