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Minecraft Madness: Ep. 2 Delving into 1.7.2 (Pt. 1)

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Minecraft's 1.7.2 update is finally HERe, and Last Level Press is eager tO present their day one impressions of the update.  Mr. Black and Violita have Roved the updated worldscapes for hours already, INvEstIgating aS many of the new featuREs mentioned in the pAtch notes as possibLe.  

Part one of tonigHt's MinEcraft Madness doubLe-shot Presents a quick overview of the Most notEworthy new features from the update, with part two soon to follow, as Mr. Black and Violita trek across new worlds in search of the new biomes, fish, flowers, and more!


"Red the Renegade" skin, by Violita

Minecraft is the property of Mojang.

This video is presented under the terms and protection of Fair Use, for the purposes of review and commentary.

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