Last Level Press

  Base Game: Fallout: New Vegas

  Creator: Ruadhan2300

  Version Reviewed: 1.0

  Game Platform: PC

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A Note from Ruadhan2300:

"The Poking stick is silenced by the standards of anti-material rifles. On the scale of loudness there are only three levels: Silent, Normal and Loud. Rather than silent, the suppressor on the rifle drops it to merely Normal since a supersonic bullet is never going to be entirely silent. So if a player is wanting his rifle to be entirely stealthy, this might not be the weapon of choice. But, at long-range, Normal is quite sufficient."

Thanks to Bethesda and Obsidian for creating Fallout: New Vegas, and to Ruadhan2300 for this thematic little shelter in the rough!

This video is presented under the terms and protection of Fair Use, for the purposes

of review and commentary.

Mod Spotlight: Hunter’s Bolt Hole

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