Last Level Press

  Base Game: Mount & Blade

  Creator: The Last Days’ Team

  Version Reviewed: 3.23

  Game Platform: PC

  Release Date:  Oct 30, 2011

Final Verdict:


Last Level Press’ Youtube Channel:

I know what you is what all those who face such dark times yearn for.  You seek escape.  You seek adventure.  You seek a means to fight back against the growing threat of boredom.  Last Level Press presents our first Mod World review, "The Last Days of the Third Age," for Mount & Blade.  Will it fail, as so many have fallen before it?  (R.I.P. M.E.R.P.) Or will it stand, defiant and true, against the darkness?  

Special thanks to the crew at The Last Days!

Download Links:

- Mod DB

- Taleworlds Forums

- Mount & Blade Nexus

Mount & Blade proper is the property of Taleworlds Entertainment.

This video is presented under the terms and protection of Fair Use, for the purposes

of review and commentary.  

Mod World: The Last Days of the Third Age

Last Level Press © Copyright Cliff Davenport  Est. 2013.  | Legal Notices

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