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V-LOG: LLP & the Content ID Dispute

Last Level Press’ Youtube Channel:

News & updates regarding LLP's recent content ID match issues, and what we're planning to do about it.

To recap: We'll be limiting the amount of music featured in our videos and will be watermarking cutscenes to prevent the match-bot from falsely flagging video segments. Mr. Black will be protesting anti-content creator publishers, notably Nintendo and Sega, but don't worry; King Atticus will continue to deliver your Nintendo news, as he is our resident Nintendo fan, so you can still count on LLP to deliver your gaming news across the board.

"Our frequent followers may recognize this discussion from some of our recent social media posts, but I feel that this message bears repeating, and warrants a wider audience.  What better place to issue news regarding our YouTube channel than upon said channel, eh?  Rest assured, it'll take more than a shoddily programmed content ID system to get rid of LLP, and a lot more than that to get rid of me."

-Mr. Black

This video is presented under the terms & protection of Fair Use, for the purposes of commentary and education, whether Google or its affiliates like it or not.

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